Employment Pro Risk Management

Employment Pro Risk Management Services help reduce the burdens and compliance complexities associated with risk exposure and safety issues.

Besides having the resources and experience necessary to conduct background checks, drug screening, testing, etc. Employment Pro offers a full array of risk management options as well as maintains a full-time Risk Management specialist to support your risk management needs.

Employment Pro Risk Management Service options:

  • Pre-Screening Candidates
  • Face to Face Interviews
  • Testing and Evaluation Services
  • Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Background, Criminal and Reference Checks
  • Drug Testing Services – 10 Panel Drug Screening
  • Substance Abuse Policy

Additional Orientation Programs

  • New Employee Safety Awareness Program
  • Client-Specific Regulations and Safety Orientation
  • On the Job Accident Orientation

Incident Response

  • 24/7 Incident Response
  • Immediate response after notification of accident
  • Accident investigation to identify contributing causes
  • Completion of claim reporting

Return To Work Programs

  • Emphasis to return employees to work quickly and safely after injury
  • Design in-House Program or arrange alternative work program with pre-approved non-profits.
  • Transition the employee back to work

Medical Cost Containment

  • Monitor and review medical files
  • Maintain medical files and documents

Coordination of Defense and Legal Counsel

  • Preparation of file for litigation
  • Maintain communication with attorneys
  • Attend litigation sessions

For in-depth information on how we can help you manage your risk exposure, please contact our office.


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