Employment Pro's flexible staffing and service options provides winning opportunities for our West Tennessee client employers and candidates.

Temporary Staffing – Short and Long Term

Employment Pro Temporary Staffing represent ideal solutions for businesses needing qualified temporary employees for special projects, increased workloads, seasonal requirements, vacationing employees or filling vacancies until full-time employees can be located.

Employment Pro can provide your business with qualified temporary employees for both short and long-term assignments. We can help your company with all types of employees - administrative, clerical, office workers, forklift drivers, maintenance, skilled and unskilled laborers, industrial workers, just to name a few….

We consider Employment Pro temporary employees as an employee of our company. In addition to recruiting and screening, we eliminate administrative burdens and take care of employment costs such as payroll administration expenses, risk management, social security, withholding taxes, unemployment, worker's compensation insurance, etc.

Temporary-to-Hire (Permanent Placement)

Employment Pro's Temporary-to-Hire Placements affords your company the opportunity to evaluate a candidate's performance before offering that person a permanent position.

After a contract completion, minimum of 480 hours, you have the option to continue employing the individual through Employment Pro, or you may choose to hire the employee at no additional cost.

Conversion Option : Employment Pro also offers an early conversion option should you desire to convert our employee onto your payroll before the completion of their hours by paying a placement fee. This fee would be pro-rated based on the number of hours the team member has worked at your company through Employment Pro.

Direct Hire (Permanent Placements)

This is a real time and cost saver! You benefit from Employment Pro's comprehensive recruiting and screening processes. Employment Pro recruits and screens candidates on your behalf and presents the most qualified candidates for you to interview. Saving you both time and money. There is one-time flat rate for this service.

Payrolling Services

This solution is for you, if you have already found an employee, but want the luxury of observing and evaluating their work performance before permanently adding them to your staff.

Employment Pro Payrolling Services offer a practical solution for employers that just do not want the hassle or burdens associated with payroll and unemployment tax.


If you are already using an employment staffing agency/vendor, but are not satisfied with their services or rates, Employment Pro can make a conversion of those employees onto our payroll and take care of the transfer process with current agency/vendor at no cost.

Employment Pro is here to serve you!

For more information about our comprehensive staffing solutions, please contact our office.


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